About Rebekah

In a former life aka before kids, I was a head textile designer and colorist who got a jump start in a creative career after making a sudden move to NYC in 2000. 

Once a mother, the impossible work schedule of a textile designer become too demanding while caring for a nonverbal autistic son. In order to help him communicate, we would color and paint together. Our creative times together reignited my first love of art. It was always what I truly wanted to do, paint. Even if I didn’t realize it at the time, art would become my passion, purpose, form of expression, hope, creation, self-exploration, and therapy through some of my darkest moments.”

Raised in an unhealthy environment, I clung to the therapy of the discovery of imagination and creating as an outlet. Now I find art has become a catalyst for uprooting trauma, bringing an understanding on mental health, PTSD, abuse, and the essential need for open discussion, but it's still a taboo topic. Like what do we have to do here people? We need to be talking about this shit. Right? We need some radical acceptance of our own shadows to the point where we are comfortable discussing our own demons. 

“My vision as an artist is to release the societal teaching that one’s struggles shouldn’t be discussed.”

Art is my lifeline. Color is the language my words can’t seem to find. The colors and shapes I use are more of my subconscious gesture making my process intuitive and enlightening as well as a spiritual one. Every piece I paint is a story about where I am in my life at the current moment. 

With a major in color phycology with the IANCC-NA. My artistic style tends to release a wide variety of esthetics mimicking my personal expression of the moment and professional experience. One non-wavering expression is my love for all mediums hence my choice of being a mix media self-educated artist. 

As a single momma of 3 littles the on-going entrepreneurial endeavor of being a full-time professional artist is a daily recommitment. Trust me here, it's a daily recommitment to myself and my gift. Like, you guys some days this is shit is tuff ok!? But since making the intentional choice of being who I know I can be and being a damn good one, there hasn’t been one day I wasn’t willing to lay everything on the line to make this dream a reality. Continuing to live in the unbeaten path, I’m so excited about where it's leading! Thank you for being on this journey with me and checking out my site. 

New experiences bring new visions, collections, and artistic releases so, don’t be a stranger. Muah

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